The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden

Spring is now in full swing which can only mean one thing, warmer weather for little ones to go outdoors and explore! And the reopening of the Ian Potter Foundation's Children's Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne!!

The Children's Garden will reopen on Father's Day Sunday 2nd of September 2018 which will delight little ones and their carers. There are lots of places for little ones to explore and relax throughout the garden so don't forget a picnic and some change of clothes.

 Photo credit: @busycitykids

Photo credit: @busycitykids

At the entrance you can find a beautiful tree, a Magic Pudding sculpture (pictured in background) and a lavender maze (pictured right).

 Photo credit: @busycitykids

Photo credit: @busycitykids

There is also a walkway to the main garden's grass area where lots of little ones like to sit down for a snack and relax.

 Photo credit: @busycitykids

Photo credit: @busycitykids

To the left of the grass area is a large sandpit area which is little Miss' favourite. We spend a fair amount of time there when we visit. Your little ones no doubt will love it too so don't forget to bring a bucket and spade. 

Little Miss loves running from the sandpit across the little bridge towards the elephant statue. We either explore the wetland area (which is a shallow pond with little fish in) or make our way to the Bamboo forest (behind the elephant statue), walk up the stairs to the little platform to get a view from above the garden.

We then walk along the rill which is a gentle waterway that runs through the garden. In Summer, a water feature is turned on which sprays water out for little ones to play with. Which then leads to a little hide and seek area where little ones can take some shade. There is also an area which can be rented for parties and you can also access the garden's veggie garden around there too.

We love walking around the vegetable garden in spring and summer, there are some areas for little ones to dig and play in the dirt too.


The garden is not open every day so do check the opening times on the Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden website before you head out! 


  • Come prepared with sunscreen, snacks, water, change of clothes, bucket & spade, few bandaids and a picnic rug.
  • There is Jardin Tan café nearby where you can also pickup drinks and food from too as well as toilets near the Information Centre.
  • Closest entry is via Gate F along Birdwood Avenue after the Observatory on the left (view map here).
  • There is paying parking along the avenue. 

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