Nude Food Movers Relaunched and Smash Box

Little Miss and I were asked to review a number of products from Smash Enterprises recently including their relaunched Nude Food Movers and brand NEW Smash Box. We embraced the challenge and made sandwiches and snacks and then sat down for a picnic to enjoy the props!

We started off by testing out the relaunched Nude Food Movers' range. We love the sandwich box as it is sturdy and has rubber corners which stops the box from sliding at the table. Little Miss loves the Fruity Mover to the point that whenever she asks for fruit now, I have to serve it in the Fruity Mover tub! Love the Cracker Mover to throw in my handbag for a snack or use to put little Miss' crackers in - no more broken crackers which is great as she won't eat them if they are broken - ha!


We were given a cute butterfly cutter to cut our sandwiches with which is great when you want to keep things interesting for little ones' lunch boxes. Although I probably shouldn't have put tomato slices in the sandwich as they escaped the sandwich once I cut in the shape!


The next great thing since sliced bread which is also part of the relaunched smash box is the Rubbish Free Lunchbox. You can probably tell by the colours of the boxes I was given that little Miss is a girly girl and loves her pink but the boxes also come in clear or a range of colours to suit your child's backpack or taste.


The lunchbox comes with a middle compartment which has a sandwich belt to keep the sandwich in place or from getting squashed. Each side of the lunchbox can house a combination of boxes. The lunchbox comes with two round tubs where you can house yoghurt, dips, fruit, biscuits or any food you can fit in them really and on the other side there is a separator to allow you to hold things separate.

I was able to fit a number of different boxes and snacks on each side of the lunchbox including Lunch Buddies (green, purple and white boxes shown below) which are a number of snack boxes that come in different shapes and sizes that fit beautifully in the Rubbish Free Lunchbox and the Nude Food Movers lunchbox.

We also received a Nude Food Movers' insulated lunch bag which is perfect to keep the Rubbish Free Lunchbox cool.


Last but not least we reviewed the NEW Smash Box which is exclusive to Coles. This stylish twin compartment lunchbox can house a sandwich on one side and the leak proof tub that comes with and a fruit or another snack tub, all kept cool with a detachable insulated jacket. Little Miss loves this lunchbox as it has a handle so she can walk around with her lunchbox when we venture out of the house.


The main compartment can easily fit one sandwich with the sandwich belt or more if removed and house different tubs or lunch buddies boxes. We love it and the colour is great too!

Overall, little Miss and I loved this range of rubbish free sandwich boxes. Although little Miss isn't at school yet, these are great to use whenever you are out and about with the little ones to store their lunches or a range of sandwiches and snacks for a picnic. Hard to pick favourite boxes amongst the three different ranges as they are so easy to use and store food in. Little Miss (3.5 years old) loves the Nude Food Movers boxes the best and the Lunch Buddies boxes as they are very easy for her to open and close.

For more info about the lunchbox ranges, checkout their website

This is not a sponsored post for Smash Enterprises and Nude Food Movers however we were provided with products to test and keep.