Sea Life Sydney Aquarium - The Penguin Expedition

Last week, little Miss 4 and I were invited to experience the brand NEW experience at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium - The Penguin Expedition. Visitors can see a colony of King and Gentoo Penguins up close onboard a little raft. It is the first of its kind and the experience is included in your entry ticket when you visit the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.


Kids can feel like an explorer at Macquarie Island as they travel on the raft in cool conditions. It is a nice six degrees celsius on the island but the trip is only a few minutes so it's nothing to worry about.


We loved the experience so much that we did it twice and the passengers on the raft with us did it too! We also learned about the impacts of plastic pollution and habitat destruction after the ride and how those affect the penguins.


On our way to the Penguin Expedition, we enjoyed looking around the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. The last time we visited was in late 2014 so it was great to see all the new improvements made to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and how it is very easy to navigate around now.


Little Miss was followed by a friendly dugong when we walked past. I believe his name was Wuru and he lives on Dugong Island. He made it a beautiful experience!


We also enjoyed the Shark Walk and Shark Valley as well the many other tanks throughout the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.


Little Miss' favourite interactive area was the Discovery Pool where we spent ages touching sea stars, sea cucumbers, shells, shark eggs and a big pink & white sea star called Cookies and Cream and saw some little shrimps too.


We also coloured in our own fish and released it to the Art Aquarium which was fun too.


And we explored more until we were ready to leave after 2 hours of visiting. The Sydney Aquarium is a fantastic place for little ones and their carers to explore and the new Penguin Expedition is a great new addition. 


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For more info about the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, head to their website.