Mess Matters - Moorabbin Melbourne - Review 

Little Miss stumbled upon Kate's pics of her little ones having fun at Mess Matters and she hasn't stopped staring at the pics since and asking me when we can go and play! Unfortunately we are currently in France due to my father passing away so little Miss will have to be content with running around in our family field as I did as a child. Kate's little ones on the other hand had an amazing time at Mess Matters, checkout Kate's review below.

Mess is an essential part of childhood. Babies and children learn and develop through play, but especially through unstructured, exploratory play. Although playing a game or playing with toys can be educational and fun; messy play focuses on exploring and experimenting with different materials without any end goal such as to build or make something. This allows young children to make their own discoveries using their senses, curiosity and knowledge.  Isn't that amazing!


Mess Matters offers each and every child a unique art experience. At the Mess Matters studio children are free to express themselves in an unstructured yet supportive environment. 


The concept of Mess Matters grew when founder Ilana observed her children and their friends freely exploring with so many different media and the smiles on their faces when they showed her their finished ‘creations’.  Ilana wanted to create a special environment for children to safely experiment, create and learn through tactile play and where parents didn't have to worry about the mess and clean up! Woo hoo!


Surrounded by an abundant supply and variety of art materials, children can do whatever they choose. From painting, pasting, sticking, stamping, decorating, pouring, drawing and water play to exploring with foam, slime, grains, rice, soil and sand - every week at Mess Matters is different but it’s always colourful, tactile and fun.


Their 45 minute weekly sessions are suitable for children from 18 months to five years and require parent participation.  There is so much joy to be had following your little one around the room to whichever activity sparks their interest and watching them create their own unique little masterpieces.


The poppets had an absolute ball at their Mess Matters session – Arlo loved playing in the gooey, blue slime while Macy had lots of fun at the various paint stations; throwing so much confetti onto one particular masterpiece you would have thought you were in Times Square on New Year's Eve. 


What I noticed most about our time in the Mess Matters studio was how attentive Ruth and the team were in keeping the space clean and organised.  Not only were they extremely friendly and interactive with the little ones (and adults too) but they kept the place running so smoothly that you hardly even noticed how much mess the children were actually making! We couldn't recommend the sessions more highly.      


Our tips:

  • Art smocks are provided but we suggest dressing your child in old clothes or ones that you are happy to continue using purely for messy play just in case. 
  • Purchase a 5 visit ($80) or 10 visit ($140) card to save up to $4 per session.  NB - cards can be redeemed by several family members not just one child.
  • Younger siblings are welcome to attend sessions + there is plenty of room for prams. 
  • Check out the website for information about the school holiday program and children's birthday parties.
For more information on Mess Matters, head to their website.

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