Sand in the City and Demolished Sydney at the Museum of Sydney - Review
continued our tour of the Museum of Sydney and browsed the Demolished Sydney exhibition. This great afternoon and I highly recommend a trip to the Museum of Sydney with the family especially on We recently took a trip to the city to visit the Museum of Sydney for the first time and really Sand in the City and Demolished Sydney at the Museum of Sydney - Review online vs. $28 the standard rate. For more information about the Museum of Sydney, the Sand in the City
Busy City Kids - Sydney July School Holidays 2017
light! More info here. Sand in the city at Museum of Sydney - Hide from the rain these holidays and let of Sydney. Checkout the work of 40 'Head on Portrait Prize' finalists while you're there. Read our the kids play with kinetic sand and Lego for hours in the Sand in the City exhibition at the Museum & Farm, Vaucluse House, Susannah Place and Museum of Sydney these July School Holidays. Read more info
Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives at the Powerhouse Museum
- Trustees of the British Museum Take a rare close-up look as the Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient British Museum opens on Saturday 10th of December at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Nestawedjat Ancient Lives is now showing at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney from Saturday 10th of December to Sunday
Busy City Kids - Sydney March 2017 Events Lineup
here.   Museum of Sydney - Sand in the City - On now until Sun 23rd July. Celebrating Sydney’s
Vivid Sydney 2016 for Kids - Fri 27th May to Sat 18th June 2016
Website 2016 Electric Jellyfish - Museum of Sydney - FREE Visitors are invited to enter the domed . Australian National Maritime Museum - Darling Harbour - Vivid Sydney 2016 - photo credit: Vivid Sydney
Spiders - Alive & Deadly - Australian Museum
Museum here in Sydney! OUR REVIEW OF THE EXHIBITION CAN BE FOUND HERE. Photo credit: Australian Museum
Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect with Everything at the MCA Sydney
Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect with Everything recently opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) here in Sydney. Tatsuo
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) museums Australian National Maritime Museum (our reviews) Australian Museum (our reviews) Museum of Sydney (our reviews) Powerhouse Museum (our reviews) Sydney Observatory parents rooms See our great list
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