Sydney Taronga Zoo

We visited the Taronga Zoo a few weeks ago, had an amazing time and were spoilt with the great weather and views! Little Miss and I had never visited this Zoo before but heard so much about it! After taking the Ferry from Wharf 2 at Circular Quay and seeing the Sydney Harbour bridge and Sydney Opera House, we arrived at the Zoo. 

As the Zoo is quite large and set on a hilly location, you become quickly envious with the residents. There is a lot to cover about this Zoo so we won't go into all the attractions and shows just the ones that stood out to little Miss and I.

We were really impressed with the new Lemur Forest Adventure which is located right next to a troop of lemurs which you can visit with one of the Zoo's keepers. Little Miss had a quick look at the lemurs and headed back to the playground which has a great slide, areas to climb, jump and explore.

We had a quick look at other animal enclosures like the Australian animals, Australian wildlife and the Platypus area before heading to the Seals' area where we had a look at seals and penguins before the Seal show. 

The Seal show was little Miss' favourite part of our Zoo trip by far. The keepers and the seals were really entertaining. We did get wet sitting in one of the front rows but it was lots of fun and little Miss was happy sitting down for a morning snack and enjoy the entertainment.

We then headed to see the elephants quickly before heading to the Bird Show arena. You don't necessarily have to rush between the shows but I thought we'd get there early and relax before the show.

The Bird Show overlooking the harbour was also very good but little Miss didn't like it as much as the Seal show.

We then took a pit stop at the Food Market where we refuelled and checked out their parents rooms which had lots of change tables, a microwave, around three separate feeding rooms with their own change tables and play stations for little ones. For more parents rooms in Sydney, checkout our dedicated page.

We then headed down the Big Cats trail, the African Safari area, saw the Chimpanzees, the Giraffes and the Reptile World

The Zoo recently welcomed a baby chimpanzee which was really cute! Little Miss loved the little tunnels where she could crawl into while watching the chimpanzees.

By then it was mid afternoon and little Miss was starting to feel really tired from all the walking and adventure of the day and although she might have liked the Kids Trail, it was probably best we headed back to our hotel.

We took the Sky Safari on our way down which was a lot of fun. You can grab the Sky Safari on the way up if you have pre-paid tickets. I didn't think of showing our Zoo membership when we arrived so we took the bus up to the Zoo entrance which wasn't so bad as we beat the crowds. Overall we had an amazing day, such an amazing Zoo!

There is quite a lot to do and if you can only spend one day there, best check their website the day before so you can plan for the encounters and shows. It is also best to get there early if you can to avoid the midday crowds and bring snacks and lunches for the long day and also your pram for when your little ones don't want to walk anymore.