Riverside Park, Fawkner Street, Aberfeldie - 'Black Sapphire' Pirate Ship

The 'Black Sapphire' playground also known as the Pirate Ship is a playground situated along the Maribyrnong river. A short stroll from the Poyntons nursery. 

Little Miss loves this playground as it a beautiful pirate ship surrounded by sand where little ones can play for hours.

It includes a twin slide, a climbing rope, giant sandpit of course,  a rope bridge, a captain's cubby, some bells, a treasure map, telescopes, a steering wheel, a plank, a treasure box etc.

Love the quality and detail that has gone into this playground, it is very popular with the little ones when the sun is out. 

There is also a nice bit of grass next to the pirate ship which is ideal for picnics. There are lots of benches, two rotundas which are great for parties, a drinking fountain, a bbq, toilets and some parking. 

There is also two old playgrounds next to the pirate ship which are to be upgraded at some point along with the carpark. The first one has a very steep slide with monkey bars and fire pole designed for older kids. The second playground furthest away from the pirate ship has a sea-saw, an old structure with a very steep slide as well and two swings.

Two things to be careful about with these three playgrounds, there is no fencing around them which is something to be mindful off with the close by car park and the nearby river.

The Riverside Park area is located off The Boulevard on Fawkner Street, Aberfeldie.

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