Cobs Popcorn Review & Giveaway

When little Miss and I were asked to review Cobs popcorn, we jumped for joy at the thought as we are massive fans of Cobs! Our favourite flavours at the time were sea salt and lightly salted & slightly sweet but since we have tried their range, our favourites list has grown!

Cobs popcorn was created in 2004 by Australian parents for parents and their little ones. Cobs products do not contain any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, are Gluten free and best of all are made in Australia which is the main reason why I was happy to do this review. They are great for any occasion and should have a warning sign on each packet as they are a truly addictive snack! In this review, I look into great snack options for little ones, party options to have with family & friends, organic options and some sweet options for grown ups.

Cobs products come in an Organic, Favourites and Natural range. For little Miss, I love the 13g sachets from the Natural range that are available in multipacks as they have just the right amount of popcorn in them for a toddler snack. I choose the sea salt and cheddar flavours for her as they are low in sugar and the lightly salted and slightly sweet packs are good for a special treat.

These three flavours are full proof as the saltiness of the sea salt is subtle, the cheddar cheese is also mild in flavour which is fine for little ones and no one can go pass lightly salted and slightly sweet which is a favourite in our house and to most people I have spoken to about Cobs.

Multipacks are available in sea salt, lightly salted & slightly sweet and a trio of sea salt, lightly salted & slightly sweet and cheddar cheese (pictured below left). Other snacking flavours (pictured below right) are also available in 20g or 30g sachet options.

The Natural range is also great for BBQs, casual parties, children's birthday parties and movie dates with butter, cheddar cheese, sea salt, nacho cheese and sea salt & cider vinegar ideal savoury options as well as my new ultimate favourite - Aged White Cheddar!

The butter flavour is great and reminds me of buttery popcorn from the movies when I was a kid, the nacho cheese has a slight chilli kick, the sea salt & cider vinegar has a nice vinegar zing to it and the aged white cheddar is so good and very addictive!

I really wanted to test out the Organic range to see if the popcorn was different from the Natural range so I was provided with their organic flavours of sea salt and lightly salted & slightly sweet and compared those to their non-organic equivalent. Both versions are very good however the organic version which uses 100% organic ingredients is in my opinion has a much lighter and fluffier popcorn as a result even more addictive!


Among the new and interesting Cobs Popcorn flavours is Coco Crunch which is popcorn covered with a light amount of cocoa. Cobs suggest trying Coco Crunch with milk as a breakfast alternative. I wasn't so keen on the idea but after giving it a try I was quite surprised that it actually works and you don't feel like you're eating popcorn for breakfast!


From the Cobs Favourites range, I love the flavours of the caramel, milk chocolate caramel and dark chocolate caramel for an afternoon snack with tea & coffee, movie night or an easy after dinner sweet tooth option for us grown ups. None of the flavours are sickly sweet which is great. Little Miss was very happy to test out a few for me as a very special treat.


Parents can spoil themselves with Mini Favourites from the Favourites range with salted caramel, dark chocolate drizzle caramel and milk chocolate drizzle caramel popcorn. The flavours remind me of being in an ice cream shop, yum! The salted caramel is by far my favourite sweet flavour along with the plain caramel in the Favourites range, once again not sickly sweet. The chocolate drizzled popcorn has just the right amount of chocolate to add that little something more. The packets are small enough to hide from little hands, the only issue I have is when I reach the end of the packet! 


Little Miss and I had lots of fun reviewing the Cobs Popcorn ranges and have recruited a few more fans to the Cobs club as a result! You can buy Cobs Popcorn at different locations - Boost Juice Bars, IGA, Ritchies, Foodland, Coles, Thomas Dux Grocer, Organic Food Online, Nutriente and The Foodstore.

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