Scienceworks celebrates 500,000 visitors and Sneak Peek to Blown Away Holiday Show

On Tuesday, Scienceworks celebrated 500,000 visitors since it opened its doors 23 years ago. We celebrated seven-year-old Sam and Saskia as the 500,000th and 500,001st visitors!


We also had a sneak preview to the Blown Away School Holiday Show which is a 20-minute live show demonstrating air pressure and what it means to be at a high or low pressure and how does air move around. 

We also had a quick demonstration to a rocket launch made with a plastic bottle and launched with a bike pump! 

The Blown Away show along with the Virtually Real! activity which allows children to explore other worlds using just a smartphone and a cardboard box will be on these school holidays from Friday 1st to Tuesday 26th of January 2016. The Alice's Wonderland and Think Ahead exhibitions will also be running. More info via Scienceworks' website.