The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show is a beautiful and colourful show featuring four stories by Eric Carle 'The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse', 'Mister Seahorse', 'The Very Lonely Firefly' and of course the much loved 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The 75 beautifully made puppets bring the stories to life with colourful animals, fish, insects and food.

Little Miss and I were familiar with the four stories especially after Little Miss' Caterpillar themed first birthday but that did not spoil the show for us. It was our first puppet show so I was a bit worried little Miss would not appreciate the puppets but she loved them!

Our favourite story of the show was of course the Hungry Caterpillar which had a beautiful bouncy puppet which popped out of an egg and enjoyed a foodie adventure before turning into a beautiful butterfly.

Little Miss said a few WOWs during the show, was happily laughing and pointing at animals during some scenes and more importantly sat through the whole show (which doesn't happen often)! And as we were leaving asked if we could come back!

We enjoyed the artwork and some caterpillar colouring in the foyer before heading home. Little Miss of course convinced me to buy her a small caterpillar which hasn't left her sight and likes to pretend it is a puppet too! Suffice to say the show was a hit for us, we really enjoyed it and recommend it!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show is on at Chapel Off Chapel on 12 Little Chapel St in Prahran until next Thursday 2nd April. To book tickets, go to the show's website.

Notes: Food and drinks are welcome in the theatre so feel free to bring snacks along for the little ones. Parking is limited in front of the Chapel Off Chapel venue. There is a small public car park on the right hand side further down the street however we could not find any parks so we parked at the multi level carpark for $5 for 0-2 hrs which was great value and convenient and just a small walk to the venue. There is a playground little ones can enjoy before and after the show on the same street. Pram parking is available at the entrance of the venue. Some food, drinks and Hungry Caterpillar gear is available at the venue too.