Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North

The Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North has two playgrounds, one on the north side, the other on the south side. The playground on the north side is a fully fenced little playground with one small structure with a slide, ladder, springers and swings. We decided to cover the Edinburgh Gardens' playground on the south side. It is a colourful and fully fenced playground with lots to do. 

As you arrive at the playground, there are several areas where little ones can play, an area with swings, the main structure, a rope climbing frame, a sandpit area and another area with a twin slide and flower roundabout.

The main structure has three different slides, monkey bars, walkways, ladders, steps, a mirror, clock etc. 

The structure also has a spider climbing rope and hanging disks which little Miss was obsessed with but needed my help with as it is more geared towards older children.

There is also a rope climbing frame next to the structure and a climbing wall on the structure for the adventurous ones.

Nearby are some coloured walls with a small sandpit which needs a bit of a revamp I think. 

And last but not least, the last area of the playground has a twin slide, a seesaw and a flower roundabout with a wheel in the middle.

The playground is part of the Edinburgh Gardens and is on 173 Alfred Crescent in Fitzroy North. Lots of green grass to run on the gardens or have a picnic on. The gardens are also used as an off-leash area for local dogs. The playground is fully fenced which is great with a bbq and bins on the grounds. There are public toilets outside the playground however no change tables in them. There is free parking along Alfred Crescent.

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