Little Bud Fresh Meals for Kids - Review

I recently found out about Little Bud while browsing Instagram and was instantly attracted by the cool packaging but more importantly that they were fresh meals for little ones 1 year+ made in Australia with natural ingredients, no additives* or preservatives or added salt or sugar and all the ingredients used in the meals and their nutritional information are listed on the packaging so no hidden surprises!

The beauty about Little Bud meals - they are ready to eat after less than 3 minutes in the microwave which is great when your child is suddenly starving and you have another little one to feed! Something that Little Bud mums Rachel, Jess, Katrina and Kim know too well. The other great thing - they are full of flavour and a great idea if you want a night off from cooking, you want your child to try a meal you don't cook often or you're making a spicy meal one night that your child won't like.

Little Miss and I were keen to try these meals and I was looking forward to a night off from cooking so we were pretty excited when we received our meals! Little Bud currently have 5 different meals, we tried all but the very popular Little Bud Mighty Meatballs.

Here's what we thought about Little Bud meals.

The Little Bud Summer Cottage Pie (Shepherd's Pie), is a hearty meal full of great veggies. The pie contains hormone-free beef mince cooked with carrot, zucchini and onion, topped with a cheesy cauliflower potato mash. Little Miss loved this meal which is strange for someone who doesn't like potato but somehow the cheesy cauliflower mash and tasty meat with oregano and thyme convinced her otherwise and she ate it all!

The Little Bud Sneaky Mac 'n Cheese is a cheesy macaroni pasta bake with hidden pumpkin and cauliflower and three cheeses (tasty, parmesan and mozzarella cheese). Little Miss loves pasta and cheese so this meal was an easy choice and she loved it. She wondered about the pumpkin but as it was mixed all together she ate it all with no problem and the cauliflower tasted really nice with the rest of the meal.

The Little Bud Omega Fish Pie contains sustainably sourced salmon and hake in a creamy leek and pumpkin sauce, topped with mash potato and is by far our favourite Little Bud meal. Little Miss really liked the pieces of fish and the pumpkin sauce in this pie and I was pretty happy when she ate the potato in this meal too! 

Last but not least, we tried the Little Bud Rockin' Moroccan Lamb meal which is a nice meal to explore new flavours. The meal contains pieces of lamb cooked in rich tomato with pieces of apple, apricots and moroccan spices served with wholegrain couscous. Little Miss liked the lamb and sauce but was a bit hesitant with the couscous which she doesn't eat often.

There you have it, we had lots of fun trying Little Bud meals! If you are interested in trying Little Bud meals, they are available in New South Wales and Victoria. Checkout their website for more information.

*at the exception of the Sneaky Mac 'n Cheese which has Xanthan gum which is a common additive used as a thickening agent