Jay Laga’aia: Family Time - Review

The little ones and I were invited to attend today's opening session of the Jay Laga’aia: Family Time show at the Monkey Baa Theatre

After making our way to the city and checking out the Darling Quarter playground, we headed for the theatre with excitement. Little Miss loves Jay on Play School so she couldn't wait to see the show. Upon arrival, we did a few puzzles before parking our pram and heading to our seats.

We didn't know what to expect from the show but Jay welcomed us into his home and with a little imagination we were all ready to play!


Everyone was invited to sing along with Jay to a mix of familiar nursery rhymes and other tunes while some of Jay's friends popped in to say hello. Little Miss' favourite being Tembo the elephant and Funky the Monkey.


Jay opened a special basket of instruments to show to the children and play along to familiar nursery rhymes like Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, Rain Rain Go Away and a mix between Three Cheeky Monkeys and the Gingerbread Man which was little Miss' favourite. My favourite part was when Jay asked the dads in the audience to stand up and sing along to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!


Funky the Monkey popped in and say hello and was very cheeky and lots of fun with his brother from another mother - ha!


Throughout the show, Jay included some funny jokes for the mums and dads to feel included which I thought were quite hilarious! 


After a good 30 minutes of imagination, play, singing, dancing and laughing along, it was time to say goodbye with a special bath time themed song and endless bubbles to little Miss and little Mister's delight. A few cheeky members of the audience joined in the bubble fun but were quickly asked to sit down for safety reasons.


Little Miss was attentive the whole time which is pretty amazing to say the least while her wiggly little brother had a few smiles and was happy standing against the seat in front watching on. 

With 16 years on Play School under his belt, his tv show Jay's Jungle, his music recording and being a father of eight children, Jay knows how to entertain children (and adults) with a few props and some great music and singing and a lot of fun! We loved the show and highly recommend it!

Jay's Family Time show is on until this Saturday 1st of October. For more info and tickets, head to the Monkey Baa Theatre's dedicated page.