Circus Oz TWENTYSIXTEEN at Darebin Arts - Review

Kel and her little circus fans had an amazing time this week at Circus Oz's latest show TWENTYSIXTEEN at the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre. Kel's minis are now fully fledged Circus Oz lovers! A great show for everyone. Thank you Kel from Melbourne Minor for this fun review and pics. Thank you Darebin Arts for having us! xo Catherine

There's a special magic at a Circus Oz show, the tricks are polished and performed flawlessly yet the vibe of the night is still like a bunch of naughty kids found the keys to a theatre.


Circus Oz keep the best elements of traditional circus - the trapeze, the juggling, incredible feats of strength and comedy in huge doses but add a fantastic live soundtrack and witty social commentary. There is also a story going on up there on stage, a bizarre story, but it's not just stand alone performances.


The kids were completely won over by the cross dressing, jokes and semi-nudity. They were also pretty impressed with the tricks. Even late into the evening, that ran well past bedtime, they were cheering their favourite characters on.


TWENTYSIXTEEN is a perfect show for a family night out, the performance we attended had people of all ages in the sold out theatre. Everyone seemed to have a blast! The real difficulty of going to a Circus Oz show is knowing when to clap because everything just seems so impressive. 


Usually it's a bit of a duck and weave to avoid the kids seeing the merchandise stand at the end of a show but not here, the Oz crew are there juggling and doing tricks and the merchandise is really reasonably priced. For pocket money prices, the kids now have t-shirts guaranteed* to improve their cartwheels (*possibly not).


Circus Oz is like nothing else you'll see. Go along if only to show the kids that you can be anything when you grow up, even someone who balances on six chairs and a mannequin head in their underwear while someone plays a tiny piano in a spacesuit. Life is wonderful.

Circus Oz TWENTYSIXTEEN is currently touring and will be in Frankston and Bendigo on various dates until the 15th of October. For more info, head to their website.