Santa's Christmas Spectacular - Wonderland Spiegeltent - Review

Little Miss is a big fan of Christmas this year, pointing at decorations everywhere we go, preparing her Santa list and loving the Christmas chocolates! It's so cute to see little ones' eyes light up at the shiny Christmas lights. Kate and her little ones are starting to enjoy the joys of Christmas too and had a fun time at the Santa's Christmas Spectacular show at Docklands last weekend. Thank you Santa's Christmas Spectacular for having us and Kate for the great review and pics. Catherine xo

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year and if you have little ones then you have even more reason to be excited about the pending arrival of the big, jolly man in the red suit.  As children, part of the reason why Christmas is so magical is because everything is new and exciting. We get swept up in the mystery of Christmas – the sights, the sounds, the smells and the atmosphere.  

Recapture that sense of wonder this year by visiting Santa’s Christmas Spectacular at Wonderland Spiegeltent Docklands, a special fun-filled adventure for the whole family.


As we arrived underneath the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, the poppets were instantly drawn to the brightly coloured carnival rides and games located adjacent to the Wonderland Spiegeltent.  After a quick peek-a-boo game at the magic mirrors, the smell of freshly popped popcorn got the better of Arlo who headed in the direction of the Wonderland Sweet Treats shop.


With two boxes of hot buttery popcorn being held tightly between little toddler hands, we made our way back over to the Wonderland Spiegeltent where the crowd was being greeted by Head Elf, Shiny who welcomed us into Santa’s magical workshop.  With much anticipation, we found seats in the front row (little ones were given the opportunity to sit on the floor closer to the stage) and with our Santa hats on (a gift from Shiny) we sat down and watched as two cheeky elves (Alan and Steve) got up to mischief before the show officially began.


Starring an amazing cast (only six in total) of some of Australia's most talented acrobatic characters, the show was quickly underway with an engaging and hilarious story that centres around the beautiful – extremely flexible – Christmas Fairy being transported inside the magic snow globe by accident whilst the team of elves get ready for Santa to make his deliveries.  Will the mischievous elves finish making all the toys in time? Can the beautiful Christmas Fairy escape from the globe?


The show perfectly engages children and adults alike with a combination of high-energy acrobatic adventures, astounding stunts, tumbling and flying through the air in Santa’s workshop and an upbeat Christmas soundtrack that will have you singing along before you even realise! Miss Macy particularly loved Rudolph spinning around inside his gigantic metal ring whilst Arlo squealed with excitement when Ragdoll Dolly wowed the audience with her foot juggling skills using foot catches and kick-ups to juggle five shiny, red balls and balance an astonishing six cardboard boxes! Wow!


Of course no Christmas Spectacular would be complete without a visit from Santa himself and he joined Shiny and his team on stage for a beautiful rendition of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” (complete with falling snow) before greeting all the boys and girls after the show with a photo opportunity and small gift (Wizz Fizz, remember that?!).  


I have to say, experiencing Christmas through the eyes of the poppets is most certainly proving to be my favourite thing about being a parent during Christmas.  Santa’s Christmas Spectacular is a magical show not to be missed, your children will adore it and you will too.

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